A Trip To Remember


With great pride we thank Lt. Col. Ferrill A. Purdy for his service and all those who served before and after him.

As many of you know I am involved in a couple things that embraces our veterans.

I have had the opportunity to work along side Sarah Hill in 2012 and then had the opportunity to participate in the Central Missouri Honor Flight.

Being able to give back to the men and women that has given so much to us made me want to write a second book with a veteran in it.


On this Independence Day I would like to introduce you to Lt. Col. Ferrill A. Purdy holding my newest self-published book that uses his character, a World War II Marine Fighter Pilot, who goes on a Hero Tour! He was the first to see this book including the original illustrations done by Peggy A. Guest and I couldn't wait to get the finished project in his hands!